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Portuguese Congo to Belgium
November 4, 1909

This picture postcard was posted somewhere in the Portuguese Congo.
The characteristic Portuguese octagonal cancel is hardly illegible.

After careful reading of the notation on the top of the illustration, I conclude that the town is Lándana.*
Lándana is on the coast about 45 km north of Cabinda.

The sender requested service Via Lisbonne which would
have received transit on the first ship bound for Lisbon.

I believe the CDS to the left of the stamp is a Lisbon receiver
dated December 6, although it is generally illegible.

The postcard proceeded to its destination of Anvers where it arrived on December 9.

The cover is franked with a 1902 black overprint
on an 1898 25 reis sea green King Carlos (Scott 50).

The illustration shows the Fort of San Fernando.

*Thanks for Jim Whitford-Stark's suggestion which got me reading the notations more carefully.


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