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Straits Settlements to Switzerland
November 4, 1904

This cover entered the mail at Penang addressed to Lucerne, Switzerland,
where it received an arrival backstamp on November 25, 1904.

This cover is franked with three Edwardian stamps.
There is a 5c keyplate dull purple Crown CA of 1902 (SG 113);
three 1c gray green Crown CA of 1903 (SG 123);
and two 4c purple on red paper Crown CA of 1903 (SG 125).
All are perf 14.

The 16c rate was a double foreign rate.
The rate was 8c for the first half-ounce and 8c for each subsequent half ounce or portion thereof.
This rate existed from March 1, 1894, to December 31,

*Thanks to Paul for the rate information.


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