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Persia to United States
November 3, 1928

This airmail cover was sent from Rescht (note the three different spellings).
Rescht is on the southwest shore of the Caspian Sea.
Rescht was where a beautiful rose was found.

The cover has bilingual airmail etiquette as well as a bilingual black airmail handstamp.
The cover is franked with all the values of the 1927 airmail set through the 10 c (Scott C1 to C6).
In addition, there is a single 1927 Riza Shah Pahlavi 1c yellow green (Scott 723).

The stamps are tied with four strikes of a Rescht double ring CDS.
There is also a partial Rescht double ring CDS which was intended
to provide the clear version to the right of the Poste Arienne handstamp.

The front of the cover has a bilingual return address identifying the sender, Youssef Mottahedeh.
There is also an oval handstamp for the sender on the reverse.


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