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Switzerland Domestic Usage
October 31, 1926

This registered airmail cover is an example of the many demonstration
airmail flights made throughout the world in the 1920s.
This involved a flight between Leysin and Lausanne, Switzerland.

Lausanne is on the north side of Lake Geneva and Leysin
is about 45 km southeast and about 10 km from the lake.
A direct line of flight would have put most of the flight over the lake.

The cover bears a trilingual blue airmail etiquette with selvage attached noting the form number.

A script red R was placed near the top of the cover to signify registration.
A Leysin preprinted airmail registration label was added on the rear.
I don't remember any registration labels being specifically for airmail.
Can anyone add more information?

Finally, a corner copy with selvage of a special cinderella stamp prepared by the
promoters of the flight was placed on the front and stamped with a nice triangular handstamp.
The sponsors were a Societe de Developpe xxxx.
Anyone have information on the either the handstamp or the cinderella?
Neither is legible enough to decipher.

The cover's arrival in Lausanne was marked by another special CDS

The address was applied by using a neat boxed handstamp.
The destination was back in Leysin.
Its arrival on return was noted by an ordinary CDS on the rear dated November 2.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this cover is the franking.
First, there is a nice 1923 brown red and apple green airplane (Scott C1).
Second, there is margin block of four of the 1921 green on buff paper
William Tell with two téte béche pairs (Scott 108C d. x2)


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