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Korea to France
October 25, 1903

This picture post card was mailed from Seoul with three strikes of a Seoul CDS in French.
French CDS were used for mail going abroad.
Korean items a century old or more are uncommon.

The illustration shows a military band at the Japanese Legation building in Seoul.
It is to be noted that the Japanese and the Chinese
struggled to dominate the Korean Peninsula for many years.
The Japanese  brought about a revolt in th e1890s.
In 1904, Japan began landing troops to "restore order."
Korean became a Japanese colony until the end of World War II.

The card was addressed to Anger on the Loire in Maine et Loire.
Angers is about 250 km southwest of Paris and 80 km east of Nantes in western France.

The card is franked with 1903 falcons including a
1 cheun violet brown and a 3 cheun orange (Scott 40 and 42).


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