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Cyprus to Germany
October 23, 1894

This wrapper was mailed from Larnaca, Cyprus, where it received a  squared circle datestamp.*

Great Britain assumed the administration of Cyprus from Turkey on July 11, 1878.
The first post office, part of the G. P. O. system, was opened at Larnaca on July 27, 1878.
Stamps of Great Britain were used until April 1, 1880,
when stamps of Great Britain overprinted CYPRUS were issued.

In June, 1881, new stamps were issued for Cyprus using
the Queen Victoria design shown on this wrapper.
This issue also reflected a new currency in which 40 paras = 1 piastre and 180 piastres = 1.
The piastre indicia on this wrapper was printed in blue
while   piastre stamps were issued in emerald green.

The wrapper and its contents were destined for Ulm Germany.
Ulm is in south Germany, about 70 km southeast of Stuttgart.
The wrapper arrived in the Ulm railroad station (bahnhof)
post office on November 8 as noted by the receiver CDS.

*Thanks to likeitbuyit for identifying Larnaca as the post office where this cover was mailed.


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