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Indian Expeditionary Force in Mesopotamia to India
October 22, 1915

This uprated postal stationery cover was mailed from
Field Post Office No. 61 with the Indian Expeditionary Force.
At the time the IEF Force D was deployed to Mesopotamia during World War I.

There are three FPO CDS.

Its destination was Bombay.
Its arrival there was noted by a BOMBAY-G.P.O. DELY CDS on October 31.

The anna postal stationery was uprated with two 3 pie slate gray,
one anna yellow green,  and one 1 anna carmine
from the 1914 I.E.F. issue overprinted on the
King George V issue (SG E1, E2, and E4 respectively).

All in all, this is a neat usage.


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