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Peru to Bolivia
October 20, 1869

This cover was mailed from Lima.

The destination was Cochabamba.
Cochabamba is about 240 km south southeast
of La Paz, Bolivia, on the east side of the Andes.

The sender requested routing via Tacna, Peru,
which is about 1,000 km south of Lima on the Pacific coast.
At the time this cover was sent, there was tension among
Peru, Bolivia, and Chile over the coast south of Tacna.
The cover received a Tacna transit CDS on October 23.

There is no marking for arrival in Cochabamba.

The cover is franked with a pair of the 1868 1 dinero green embossed Arms (Scott 12).
The four embossed stamps issued by Peru starting in 1862 were printed in strips.
Stamps are known with the strips overlapped.
Shades of pasteup pairs!


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