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Uruguay to Germany
October 19, 1931

This postal card, prepared by Zeppelin fan, H. E. Sieger, was flown from Uruguay to Germany
on the third 1931 trip of the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin.

The LZ-127 left Friedrichshafen on October 17 and returned on October 28.
(I have no explanation for the apparent discrepancy in those dates and
the cancellation date on the card. Anyone have better Zepp references?)

The machine postmark is unreadable although a Sieger book might identify it.
The card also has the CONDOR - ZEPPELIN parallelogram.
I can't make out the other marking under the Pegasus.

The stamps are the 30c 1930 dark green Pegasus air (Scott C42)
and the 20c 1928 olive brown Artigas (Scott 366).


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