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Spain to India
October 17, 1921

This is an intriguing postal card postmarked in Bilboa, Spain, on the Bay of Biscay,
and destined for the Saidapet, in the southeastern Indian State of Madras.
The Saidapet receiving mark is dated November 5, 1921.

The route for this cover would have been across Spain,
thence east across the Mediterranea via ship and through the Suez Canal
into the Red Sea bound across the Indian Ocean for the west coast of India.
It would probably have crossed India by rail.

I cannot say more about the postal card than the impression
appears to be similar to the Alphonso XIII stamps of 1909-1922.

Note the control number in the upper left corner.
It was used to deter theft by indicating items which had been sold by the post office.
The same number was applied to a batch (size unknown) of an item.*

The handwriting is a bit too difficult to read.  I'm not sure of the subject of the card.

*Thanks to David Benson for this information on control numbers.


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