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Shanghai to London
October 16, 1934

This early long distance airmail easily attracts your attention.
It originated in Shanghai from an English firm - probably
the Chinese correspondent of the English firm addressed.
It made use of the Netherlands airmail service from the Dutch East Indies to Amsterdam.
This service had been established on a weekly basis in 1930.
The mail was destined to catch the KLM flight in Bandoang, Java.

Contemporary Chinese stamps were used.
There are 2 of the 1923 2c junks; 1 1931 4c Sun Yat Sen;
2 1931 20c Sun Yat Sen; 1 1932-34 10c Martyr;
and 1 1932-34 50c Martyr (Scott 251, 298, 293, 317, 323 respectively).

Note the bilingual Par Avion etiquette.

Another early intercontinental air mail had been established
by the British in 1929 between London and Karachi.
This route was extended to Australia in 1931.
Germany was also active in airmail routes with their Zeppelins.


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