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Canada to United States
October 15, 1856

This attractive cross border cover was posted in Saint Johns, Canada East*.
It was addressed to Oscar F. Barron (a hotelkeeper, I'm told) in Queechy Village in Vermont (now Quechee).

It has three very well struck markings:
a SAINT JOHNS single circle CDS,
a red 10 for the rate which probably was not prepaid at this time,
and a nice Canada banner in a quarter circle.

Saint  Johns, CE (Canada East - Saint Jean in French-speaking Quebec) is a small town
20 miles south east of Montreal, Quebec.
It  is often confused with
St. John's, Newfoundland and St. John, New Brunswick. (Me, too!)

*Thanks to ciociaria for the correction on the location of Saint John's,
to Phil and Pete for identifying the village in Vermont (addressee,too),
and to Bill for 'capital' and editorial inputs.


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