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Occupied France to Germany
October 10, 1940

This cover is franked with a 12 pf. deep carmine German occupation stamps
(Scott N49 under France) for Lorraine.
The stamp was a German Hindenburg issued in 1934 (Scott 422) and overprinted Lothringen.

This particular usage was shortly after the World War II German occupation began.
The stamps were issued in August, 1940.

It was not until 1944 that Thionville would be liberated.

The boxed square magenta (?) postmark is for Diedenhofen now known as Thionville.
It is about 20 km south of Luxembourg midway between Luxembourg and Metz.

The cover was addressed to Trier a. Mosel (Trier on the Mosel)
in Germany about 40 km east northeast of Luxembourg.
The total distance the cover traveled was only a little more than 50 km.

This cover is from the same correspondence.


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