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British Post Offices in China to England
October 9, 1906

This picture postcard is franked with a 1904 Hong Kong 4c purple on red paper
King Edward VII (SG 78 or 78a) tied by a nice CDS strike of LIU KUNG TAU.

Treaty ports are listed separately by Gibbons.
This one is either Z1057 or Z1071.

Liu Kung Tau was the first British post office established
for the territory of Wai Hai Wei leased May 24, 1898.
The Liu Kung Tau post office was located on the off-shore island of that name.

Wei Hei Wei (now Weihei) is near the east end of the
Shantung Peninsula at about the latitude of Seoul, Korea.

Technically, Wei Hai Wei was a British Colony but its mail
was handled through Hong Kong as with other Chinese treaty ports.

There is also aVictoria, Hong Kong, transit dated 18 October.

The card's destination was Portsea, Portsmouth.
Portsmouth is on the English Channel southwest of London.
Portsea (scroll down) is an island and one of the four towns comprising Portsmouth.

The card is to be noted since it shows the Iseyama shrine in Yokohama.

Simply designed, the Iseyama Shrine (link may be shortlived) is the sole
representative in Yokohama of the Grand Shrine of Ise -- Japan's most revered shrine
dedicated to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.
In spiritual terms, this is Yokohama's most important religious site.

Apparently the sender was a traveler on a 'grand tour.'


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