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Malaya (Johore) to Jamaica

October 8, 1938

This cover  was mailed from Johore Bahru, the capital of the state of Johore at the south end of Malaya.
Johore Bahru, now Johor Baharu, about 25 km north of Singapore.
There is a single CDS for Johore Bahru.
The Chinese Protectorate was established by Britain in 1877 to protect Chinese immigrants.

The addressee is L. Barrington Smith in Half-Way-Tree P.O., St. Andrew (parish), Jamaica.
L. Barrington Smith is an old time stamp dealer whose name is
found on many covers from the era - both as addressee and as sender.

Half-Way-Tree is just a few kilometers north of Kingston on the south east coast of Jamaica.
The Parish of St. Andrew surrounds Kingston inland.

The cover arrived in Half-Way-Tree Post Office on November 21.

The cover is franked with a pair of 1924 4c purple and carmine Sultan Sir Ibrahim - 1873-1959 (SG 108).


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