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Japan to Sweden
October 7, 1939

This postal card was mailed from Tokyo.

The Swedish 5 öre postal card was issued in 1897 to
commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the reign of Oscar II
Unused copies remain inexpensive even today.
The sender, probably a philatelist, may have used them to send interesting souvenirs.

The sender was Nils Lehbin whose return address was the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo.
There are two crisp CDS - one for the postal card indicium
and one for the added Japanese stamp.

The sender probably added the address on the message side with the
Japanese stamp on the advice of Japanese postal clerks.

The destination of the card was Stockholm.
There are no receiving or transit marks.

The Japanese stamp is from the Daisen and Inland Sea National Parks issue of 1939.
The 20s stamp portrays Tomo Bay on the Inland Sea in blue (Scott 268).

*Thanks to Bjorn Munch for identifying this postal card for me.


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