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Iraq to Vatican City

October 6, 1940

This cover was mailed from Mosul.
Mosul is in northern Iraq a little more than 100 km from both the
Turkish border on the north and the Syrian border on the northwest.
Unfortunately, it is a place which has gotten a lot of publicity recently.
There are two Mosul CDS.

The letter also bears a censor's tape seal in Arabic on the right
and bears a red censor's handstamp in Arabic on the rear.
The letter is addressed to Cardinal Eugène Tisserant in the Vatican heirarchy.

Cardinal Tisserant was a critic of Papal policy with regard to the Fascists.
He was also instrumental in helping French Jews during the puppet government of Pètain.

There is a double rimmed blue hand stamped seal on the flap
The Chaldeans had been an independent Christian church for centuries
until they became associated with the Catholic Church in 1830.
This was the Catholic organization in Iraq.
The Chaldean patriarch resides habitually at Mosul.

The cover arrived at its destination on October 17
* receiver on the reverse.

The cover is franked with pairs of  the 1934-38
King Ghazi series 2 fil ultramarine and 8 fil deep red.

*Thanks to Paulo Bagaglio for his help in getting the Vatican CDS  corrected.


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