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Switzerland Domestic Usage

October 4, 1940

This registered express cover was sent from Luzern.
It has three 
Luzern CDS.
The BRIEFANNAHME translates as 'Letter Acceptance.'

There is an Einschreiben handstamp under a preprinted Luzern 1 registry label.
An express (special delivery) label has been added.

The destination was Schlieren, with some notable
water slides, about 7 km west of the heart of  Zurich.
It is likely a sub-office of the Zurich Post Office.
It arrived there on the same day.
This was not surprising since the total distance traveled was probably less than 50 km.

The cover is franked with the National Fête Day semi-postal of 1940 souvenir sheet.
This imperforate sheet had one of each of the stamps
from the earlier 1940 National Fête Day semi-postal set.
The surtax was for the benefit of the National Fund and the Red Cross.
The sheet includes a 5c + 5c yellow green, black and red,
a 10c + 5c orange yellow, black and red,
a 20c + 5c brown red, black and red, and a 30c + 10c chalky blue, black and red.
This sheet has a nice used catalog value (Scott B105).
In addition, there is a 15c orange Rhone Glacier
probably from the 1936-1942 grilled gum series (Scott 231a)


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