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Malaya to Canada
September 30, 1941

This airmail cover was sent from Kuala Kubu Baharu
(switch to map and zoom out -)
about 50 km due north of Kuala Lumpur in Selangor.

The cover has a black double ring KUALA KUBU BAHARU | 4 PM | 30 SE | 1941 CDS.
The cover has an airmail etiquette crossed out in red
suggesting that airmail service was unavailable.
The sender had added "Via Pacific" as well.

The cover was opened by the censor, and sealed with tape
tied by a purple PASSED BY | CENSOR 162 | A handstamp.

The destination was c/o the Bank of Montreal in Toronto, Canada.
There is was forwarded to an apartment on Grosvenor St. in Toronto.

Selangor achieved protected status among the Straits Settlements
with the appointment of a British Resident in 1874.
In 1896, it joined with Negri Sembilan, Perak,
and Pahang to form the Federated Malay States.
From 1896 to 1900 the Federated Malay States continued
to use Straits Settlements and existing local issues.
In 1900 Federated Malay States stamps became available and were used until 1935.
In 1935 the Malayan Postal Union was formed and the states began issuing their own stamps again.

The cover is franked with 1935-1941 Selangor stamps showing the Sultan Sulaiman Mosque at Klang.
There is a 1 c. black, a 2 c. orange,  and a 5 c. brown (SG 68, 70, and 73).

The back of the cover bears an interesting patriotic label.

This was a fund raising device for the Buy a Bomber Fund
of the United Services Malayan Comforts Fun.
The illustration commemorates the loss of 1068 airplanes destroyed
over Britain in September, 1940, during the epic Battle of Britain.
The red V was a "V for Victory" symbol used by the Allied Nations.


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