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Dominican Republic to United States

September 30, 1929

This air mail cover was mailed from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.
Santo Domingo is on the south side of the island of Hispaniola east of Cuba.
The cancellation appears to be a handstamp with a slogan killer.
The slogan is:



 de Santo Domingo A  Port-au-Prince - Haiti 
 San Juan - Pto. Rico 
 Santiago de Cuba 

This slogan gives the route of the airline flying from Santiago, Cuba, to San Juan, Porto Rico.

The return address is the Hospital Evang[elical?] in Santo Domingo.
The addressee was someone at the Methodist Episcopal Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.
(The hospital is now the New York Methodist Hospital at 263 7th. Avenue, Brooklyn.)
In 1929 the borough had to be specified as the same address could have
existed in any of the 5 boroughs and district coding was not yet in use.*

There is no evidence of receiving or transit marks.

The airmail routing would have been via F.A.M. 6 - Pan American Airways, Inc. to Miami,
C.A.M. 25 - Pitcairn Aviation, Inc. to Atlanta, and then
C.A.M. 19 - Pitcairn Aviation, Inc. to New York City.

The cover is franked with 1928 10c deep ultramarine map of Hispaniola airmail (Scott C1),
1929 5c dark ultramarine Horacio Vasquez (Scott 252),
and 1928 2c red ruins of  Columbus' fortress (Scott 243).

*Thanks to Jim Whitford-Stark and to Mike Lau for an interesting
discussion of the use of boroughs in older mail addresses.


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