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Turks Islands to Nova Scotia

September 29, 1892

This registered wrapper was mailed from Grand Turk.
Grand Turk is about 150 km north of Hispaniola.

There are two numeral grid cancels.
The numerals are illegible but are probably TI which was used in Grand Turk.
Jim Whitford-Stark quotes Heins that the obliterator was TI and not T1.
Another contemporary cover has been noted that has a similarly faint numeral TI.

The cover was registered and marked with a Large oval R and a script serial number 465 applied.
There is also a registered oval Turks Islands cancel.
The wrapper was sealed with a green ribbon sealed by a
red wax post office seal (partially chipped away) on the reverse.

The destination of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Halifax is on the southeast Atlantic coast of Canada.

The cover is franked with two 1889 1d lake Victorias
(SG 63) and an 1882 2d red brown Victoria (SG 56).


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