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Caso to Italy
September 29, 1932

This obviously philatelic cover was sent from Caso
in the Aegean (or Dodecanese) Islands.
These islands had been taken from the Turks in
1912 and were still in Italian control in 1932.

After World War II, the islands reverted to Greek control.
Caso (now Kásos) is the most southwesterly of the islands just east of Crete.

In addition to general issues for all the islands,
Italian stamps were overprinted for use in thirteen of the islands.
This cover is franked with a complete set of the last stamps issued for Caso.

In 1932 Italy issued a set of 10 commemoratives to honor the
Italian hero, Giuseppi Garibaldi, on the 50th Anniversary of his death.

These stamps were overprinted CASO in blue or red for use there (Scott 17-26).
Three stamps have surcharges to benefit the Garibaldi Volunteeers -
the 1.75 l +25 c brown, the 2.55 l + 50 c orange, and the 5 l + 1 l dull violet.

The Italian set was issued on April 6, 1932.
I suspect this might be a first day cover for their issue in Caso.
Does anyone know?

There are six nice strikes of the CASO | (EGEO) CDS.
Rome was the destination of the cover.
The front has no transit marks.

Despite the philatelic nature of this usage, it remains an attractive cover.


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