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Hong Kong to Scotland
September 28, 1946

This airmail registered cover was posted in the Sheung Wan post office where two CDS were applied.
Sheung Wan is the oldest section in Hong Kong and is principally a financial center.
The sender addressed the cover and added 'REGISTERED' using a blue typewriter ribbon.
An airmail etiquette was also applied. 

The post office added a 'BY AIR TO LONDON ONLY' handstamp.
The post office added a printed registry label with a 'S.W.B.'
handstamp presumably indicating the originating post office branch.
The Sheung Wan branch of the Hong Kong Post Office is located today
on the first floor of the Hong Kong Telecom CSL Tower at 322-324 Des Voeux Road Central.
Note that this is the same street as the sender of the this cover.

There was also a blue registry cross pencilled on the front but, unusually, not on the back.
A Hong Kong G.P.O. registry CDS was applied on the back across the flap for a seal.

The cover was franked with The $1 brown and red Victory stamp of 1946 (SG 170)
as well as three 8c. red brown and one 2c.  grey of the 1938-52 King George VII issue (SG 144 and 141a).


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