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Montenegro to Germany
September 27, 1906

The four purple Montenegro CDS are so illegible that
I'm not sure what the town is, however, the original offeror said it was Cetinje, the capital.
Cetinje is about 65 km east southeast of Dubrovnik and about 10 km inland from the Adriatic coast.
I cannot confirm the sending date.
I've used the dateline on the message - 27.IX.06.

The picture postcard was bound for Berlin where it arrived on October 2.
There are two Berlin CDS.
Although they are similar, I am convinced that they were made by two different handstamps.
I believe one is for the receiving office and the second is for the distribution office.

The cover is franked with five of the 2h rose lilac with black Constitution overprints.
These may be either the 1905 version with 15mm Constitution or the 1906 version with 16.5mm.
Either way, both have only minimum value.

The view portrays a review of soldiers in front of the palace of Prince Nicolas.
The French translates to handing-over of the letters of accreditation to the palace of Prince Nicolas.
This would have been an appropriate illustration for a card from Cetinje.

Prince Nicolas I of Montenegro (b. October 7, 1841; d. March 1, 1921) succeeded his uncle on August 13, 1860.
He assumed the title of King of Montenegro on August 28, 1910.
He left in exile on November 13, 1918, when
Montenegro was annexed
to the new Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia)


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