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Canada to South Africa
September 25, 1910

This picture postcard was sent from Chipman, New Brunswick.
Chipman is about 85 km west of Moncton and almost due north of  Saint John.
The postcard was postmarked on the stamp placed on the picture side.
The usual space for the stamp was marked "Stamp other side."

The card was sent to Island View (house name?), Bluff on the coast at Durban, Natal.*
Durban is on the Indian Ocean at 29 55' south.
It arrived in Durban on October 28 and in Bluff on October 29.
I believe the unreadable portion of the Bluff CDS
may be Durban as Bluff is likely to have been a suboffice.

The cover is franked with a 1903 King Edward VII 2c pale rose carmine (SG 177).

The picture is a delightful view of the Main Street of Chipman.
The message suggests a penpal card exchange.

*Thanks to Bob Logan for finding the reference on Bluff.


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