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Togo to Germany
September 24, 1938

This airmail cover was sent from Lomé on the Slave Coast of Africa near the border of Ghana.
There are two Lomé CDS on the front an
d one on the back.

Togo, a German protectorate,  was occupied by Great Britain and
France in World War I, and mandated to them after the war.
The British area became part of Ghana.
The French mandate of Togo was granted internal
autonomy in 1956 and became independent in 1958.

The cover is preprinted and made of light weight, colored onion skin paper.

Routing was requested via Cotonou, Niamey, and Marseilles.
Cotonou was in Dahomey (now Benin) on the coast about 124 km east of Lomé.
Niamey was inland in Niger (now Benin) about 800 km due north of Cotonou.
Marseilles is on the southern coast of France another 3200 km north.
Obviously there were stops between Niamey and Marseilles.

The destination was Berlin.
There are no receiving marks.

The cover was franked with a 1924 50c ocher and black on bluish paper cacao tree
and a 1927 3Fr  blue green and red orange oil palm (Scott 230 and 249).
On the back there is a 1937 Colonial Arts Exhibition
3Fr souvenir sheet in Prussian blue and black (Scott 264).


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