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France Domestic Airmail
September 23, 1923

Here are two souvenir covers from an early aviation meeting in Rouen in Normandy.
Such events were popular in Europe both before and after World War I.
This cover was carried from Rouen to Evreux about 45 km south.

These two covers were prepared by the same sender for friends in Paris.

The covers are franked with 1906 25 c. blue Sowers (Scott 168).
In addition, each is franked with six different semi-official
airmails for the 'Meeting de Rouen 23 Sept. 23.'
They make a colorful sight with 0.25, 0.60, 0.75, 1, 2, and franc values.

The covers were cancelled with 7 and 8 strikes of a special Rouen Aviation CDS.

Each has a printed Par Avion etiquette that
appears to be cut from a sheet rather than perforated.

At least the top, and probably also the bottom, cover has
two receiving backstamps.
One CDS would typically be at the receiving airfield (Evreux) and the second would have
been at the addressed Arrondissement in Paris where the cover was to be delivered.


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