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Seychelles to Switzerland
September 23, 1916

This registered cover was sent from Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles Islands (caution slow loader),
located in the Indian Ocean about 1,400 km northeast of north tip of Madagascar.

The Seychelles were administered as a dependency of Mauritius from 1810 to 1903.
Victoria on the island of Mahé was the first Seychelles post office.
It opened December 11, 1861.
A second post office opened in 1901.
The first Seychelles stamps were issued in 1890.

The cover has three Victoria CDS.

Registration was noted by a handstamped registry mark with a script serial number.
The cover had a blue crayoned registration cross as well

The cover was sealed with five wax seals.
The seals were probably applied by the sender or  possibly the post office.

There is also a handstamped 7 near the bottom center front which I cannot explain.

The destination was St. Croix in Switzerland.
St. Croix is about 32 km north northwest of Lausanne.

En route the cover was censored although I'm not sure
whether it was in Switzerland or in France.
There is a seal at the right of the cover printed CONTROLE POSTAL MILITAIRE.
There are also oval handstamps tying the seal on both sides
indicating that the cover had been opened by the military authority.
The 421 in the ovals would identify the individual censor.

The cover's arrival in St. Croix was noted by an October 26 CDS.

The addressee was Messieurs E. Palliard and company.
This company made music boxes in the late 19th century
and moved on to phonographs in the early 20th century.
They also made a fine movie camera with this name (Bolex-Palliard) after World War II.

The cover is franked with 1912 King George V 12c olive-sepia
and dull green and 15c ultramarine (SG 74 and 75).


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