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Germany to Brazil
September 19, 1923

This cover was sent from Charlottenburg, Berlin, when the post
World War I hyperinflation was ravaging the German economy.

This cover was franked with 204,500 Marks!

September 19 was the last day of the 200,000 Marks for 20 gr.
On September 20 the rate went to 750,000 Marks!
There appears to be no rate so inexpensive as 4,500 Marks.*
Therefore, it looks like the 15 x 300 Mark stamps were added
for adornment and to get rid of some worthless stamps.
At the time the 300 Mark stamps would have had little value.

There are two 1922 100,000 Mark brown violet on buff paper
(Scott 156) and 15 300 Mark green (Scott 231).

Can someone provide the correct letter rate to Brazil?

The sender was with the Brazilian Consulate.
Abs. is an abbreviation for absender or sender.*
The addressee appears to be a brother (note the name and handwriting)
who was at the 'Escriptorio da Light and Power'
(Office of Light and Power Company*)in Sao Paulo.
Here is a view of the Palacete Martinico.
It was the first office building in Sao Paulo.
It now houses a commodities and options exchange.*

The cover is cancelled with 15 Charlottenburg CDS.
Post Office personnel had to work harder during the inflation.

The date on the Sao Paulo receiver on the back is illegible.

*Thanks to Mauro Mowszowicz for helping with
the translation and providing the interesting link.
Thanks to petrelet for the Michel rate information.
Thanks, too, for the link to the picture of the
building as well as the other information.
Thanks to Bjorn Munch for clarifying the abbreviation, Abs.


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