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China to Hungary
September 18, 1913

The German message is datelined 15 IX 13;
however, I cannot date the two indistinct CDS on the stamps.

The one CDS which can be deciphered is the Moukden transit mark
dated September 18 which is the date I've used for this picture post card.
Moukden (now Shenyang) was the station where mail was transferred
from the Chinese Post Office to the Trans Siberian Railway.

The destination was Budapest and handling via Siberia was requested.
There is no evidence of a receiving stamp.

The stamps are a pair of Chinese Imperial Post issues overprinted for the Republic in 1912.
I believe the carmine overprints were from the Waterlow  & Sons printing.
The stamps are 2c green (Scott 165).

I'm not sure what the card's illustration portrays.
It has the look of something massive in Peking.
Suggestions, anyone?


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