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Mongolia to Russia
September 17, 1926

This is an uncommon cover mailed from Ulan Bator (now Ulaanbaatar) to Moscow.
Ulan Bator is about 400 km south of of Ulan-Ude on the south side of Lake Baikal in central Siberia.
The stamps are on the back of the cover.

There are two Ulanbator CDS on the back and one on the front.
Note the use of the swastika at the bottom of the CDS.
The cover was received in Moscow on October 3 and processed
through a machine roller cancel at the bottom of the back.
There is another incomplete transit CDS on the back which may be from Moscow.
Any suggestions?

  There is also a boxed handstamp in Russian on the rear which appears to be from Moscow 34.
Can anyone translate this marking?

The cover is franked with four revenue stamps handstamped with POSTAGE overprints in 1926.
At the left is a pair of the two 2c orange with vestiges of a violet handstamp on the right stamp (Scott 17).
The 20c yellow (?) brown has a faint violet handstamp (Scott 20).
I see no evidence of a handstamp on the 1c blue placed upside down at the right (Scott 16).


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