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Canal Zone to Australia
September 17, 1913(?)

This picture postcard was mailed from Pedro Miguel.
There is a single duplex cancel.

The Canal formally opened in August, 1914;
this postcard shows a construction picture of one of the locks.
The Canal was essentially complete when the locks were completed.

The Pedro Miguel locks were on the Pacific side of the Gaillard (formerly Culebra) Cut.
The town of Pedro Miguel was a support center for the construction of
the canal and later (as a relocated smaller town) an operational center.
[Pedro Miguel pictures] Pedro Miguel in action.

The destination of the card was Newcastle, N.S.W.
Newcastle is on the coast about 215 km northeast of Sydney.

There is a Sydney roller transit on the illustration side.
The date is not legible.

 The card was franked with a 1912 2 c. CANAL ZONE Type II
overprint of a vermilion and black Panamanian Balboa (Scott 39).

The message on the card is:

             I just received
your letter today which
I should have had
last trip here.  This is
certainly a hot day here
at Pedro Miguel.   C.P.S.


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