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Lithuania Local Usage/Kaunas
September 16, 1933

This colorful registered cover never was airborne
although it bore eight different airmail stamps.

It went into the mail in Kaunas and was delivered in the city the next day.
Kaunas is inland about 180 km from the Baltic Sea
on the Nemunas River and about 220 km south of Riga, Latvia.

There are four CDS for September 16 and a receiving CDS for September 17.
There is a registry handstamp which has a script serial number.

The cover was franked with a complete set of the
1933 triangle airs issued per Scott on September 15 (Scott C71-C78).

The cover may or may not be what passed for a first day cover.
The stamps were issued to benefit Lithuanian orphans.
The stamps were only good for one week and all were sold to collectors and stamp clubs.
Usages are almost exclusively philatelic.*

Scott mentions that the stamps are Perf. 14, Imperf.
Early Lithuanian stamps were sometimes left
without perforations on the stamps next to the selvage.
This left outside stamps with one or more sides imperforate.
In this particular case, however, the stamps were also issued as imperforates.*

*Thanks to Maarten Willems for the supplemental information on sales and perforations.


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