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Chinese Internal Foreign Post Offices
September 16, 1908

This picture postcard was sent in Peking (now Beijing) using the services
of both the Imperial Japanese Post Office and the French Army post office.

The card shows a view of Chyuzenji (also Chuzenji) Lake in
Nikko National Park 128 km north of Tokyo in Tochigi prefecture.

The card is franked with two 1899 1 s. light red-brown
Chrysanthemums (Scott 93) placed on the illustration side.

If you note the normal rectangle for stamps, someone
has beautifully drawn two doves facing each other.
I don't believe that this addition is a stamp.

The stamps are cancelled by two strikes of a violet PEKING | I.J.P.O. bridge CDS.
There is another strike on the address side.

The card was addressed to a telegrapher in the French 16th Colonial Regiment.
The card was received the next day.
A Pekin Corresces Aux Armees (Pothion type C) datestamp on both sides noted its arrival.

The sender provided a dateline on the picture side of the card.
He also wrote a message and his signature on the picture side as well.
This soldier sent quite a few cards to himself.
I have seen a number before.


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