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Sudan to Canada
September 15, 1934

This registered airmail cover was sent from Khartoum.
The addressee was a government official in Ottawa.

The cover is franked with a 1931 4 d. red-brown and
gray stamp portraying a statue of Gen. Gordon (SG 56).
Nice catalog value!
(The penciled C12 is the Scott's designator.)

A trilingual (English, French, and Arabic) airmail etiquette was attached.

Registration was accomplished by penciling blue crosses
on both sides and affixing a Khartoum registry label.
There are two oval REGISTERED | KHARTOUM handstamps.

The next handstamp was an OTTAWA CANADA | R
registry receiver dated September 28.

Imperial Airways would have carried the cover to England where it
would have been sent across the Atlantic on a mail steamer.
After arrival in North America, it would probably
again have proceeded as airmail to Ottawa.


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