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Niue to Costa Rica
September 15, 1926

This registered cover was sent from Niue, a dependency of New Zealand since 1902.
The capital of Alofi is 19 1' south and 169 55' west.
It qualifies as a south seas island.
The website states:  "
The population of the island continues to drop
(from a peak of 5,200 in 1966 to about 2,100 in 2002),
with substantial emigration to New Zealand, 2,400 km to the southwest."

There are three simple CDS with only Niue but no town name.
In addition, there is a registry label with a stamped serial number.
Blue crosses were crayoned on both sides.
The cover arrived in Cristobal, Canal Zone, on October 30.
The ship it was on made a passage through the Panama Canal and Cristobal
on the Atlantic side was the transfer point for Central American mail.

The destination was San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.
It is near the center of the nation at 9 56' north and 84 5' west.

The cover's arrival in San Jose was marked by a double rimmed CDS.
I'm not sure but I believe the CDS is marked R.R. Exterior indicating arrival by rail.
The addressee was the Consul General of Colombia.

Three of the stamps are pictorials, including a 1920
d black and green Landing of Captain Cook (SG 38),
a 1925 1d black and deep carmine Wharf at Avarua (SG 45?),
and a 1920 1d black and red Captain Cook (SG 40).
There are also two 1920 2d blue New Zealand Admirals overprinted NIUE in red (SG 28).


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