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German New Guinea to Germany
September 14, 1906

This cover was sent from Finschhafen on Cape Cretin on the eastern coast of New Guinea.
It was franked with a 1901 10 pf. carmine 'Yacht' (Scott 9).
The stamp is tied with a single Finschhafen CDS.
The cover was sent to München (Munich).

Germany annexed the northern part of the island of New Guinea in 1884.
In 1885 the Dutch, Germans and English sorted out
the boundaries of their 'spheres of influence.'
German New Guinea was occupied in 1914
shortly after World War I broke out in Europe.
Subsequently the former German colony was administered by Australia as part of Papua.
It became an independent member of the British Commonwealth in 1975.*

*Thanks to David Benson for correcting the historical notes.

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