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Japan First Flight Cover
September 12, 1926

This airmail card was carried on the first flight from Osaka to Dairen.
Osaka is a busy port city of 2.6 million that swells to 3.7 million during the day.

The card is illustrated with a map showing the route.
There were two intermediate stops at Sago and Seoul.
Dairen was Japanese at the time as a result of their having won the Russo-Japanese war.*

The card was franked with a 1914 1 s. blue (Scott 129).
The stamp is tied by a fancy cancel of a biplane.

The card was issued by the Aero-Philatelic Society of Japan.
It has an attractive imprinted cachet.

There is also a red boxed rectangular cancel with Japanese characters.
Does this say something like "Par Avion?"


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