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German Pioneer Airmail Souvenir
September 11, 1912

This picture postcard was made during a busy year for pioneer aviation in Germany.
In June the Schwaben LZ 10, sister ship of the Viktoria Luise LZ 11, made demonstration flights.
Other flights were being made by airplanes with special stamps like the Gelber Hund.
The Viktoria Luise entered service in 1912.
Both Zeppelins carried passengers during that summer.

This card was sent on board the Viktoria Luise.
The purple cachet provides the date.

After the flight, the mail was given two special
black oval LUFTPOST cancels on September 12.
The card then entered the mail.

The card was franked with a 1905 5 pf. green Germania (Scott 82).

The card was addressed to Erlingen, a small town about 20 km north of Augsburg, Bavaria.
The 5 pf. rate indicated a domestic usage.*

Of particular interest is the card's illustration.
It is an early aerial photo from the cabin of
the Zeppelin showing Frankfurt am Main.

*Thanks to Bjorn Munch for identifying the destination and domestic rate.


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