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Benin to France
September 9, 1890

This cover originated in Porto Nova on the Bight of Benin on the Slave Coast of Africa.

France gained control of Whyday (Ouidah) by treaty in 1857.
Other cities were added: Grand-Popo was added in 1857;
Porto Nova in 1863; and Cotonou in 1883.
Administration was initially under Gabon, but transferred in
1886 to Senegal as ╔stablissements Franšais du Golfe de Benin.
The group was incorporated in Dahomey in 1899.
They became part the Independent Republic of Benin in 1975.

The cover is franked with a French Colonies 1886
25 c. black on rose paper Commerce (Scott 54).

There are two Porto Nova CDS.

The cover was destined to Paris.

The first stop en route was the Loango to Bordeaux packet No. 1.
The packet struck an octagonal postmark dated
September 10 when the mail went aboard.

The addressee was the Editor in Chief of Journal Gazette of the Colonies.
There seens to have been adjustment somewhere along the route of the address.


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