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Italy to Latvia
September 8, 1913

This picture postcard was sent from Venice at the northwest corner of the Adriatic.
It was cancelled with a machine roller cancel.

The card's destination was Venden in Livland in Russia.

Venden, now Cesis, is about 80 km northeast of Riga.

 The first transit CDS at the left shows a date of August 30.
I cannot interpret this Russian handstamp.
Help, anyone?

The second receiving CDS for Venden shows a date of August 31.
The difference in dates between the arrival and sending is due
to the difference between the Gregorian and the Julian calendars.
The differences weren't eliminated until after World War I.

The illustration is a typical view of the canals in Venice.
What else would a tourist send?

The cover is franked with a single 1906 10c claret Victor Emmanuel III.


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