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Monaco to Germany
September 7, 1894

This registered cover was sent from Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco in southern France.
It received five Monte-Carlo CDS.
A boxed R denoted registration.

The cover's destination was Ottensen in Hamburg Germany.
Ottensen was an area that housed working people and is currently being renewed.
It is a center for nightlife.

The cover arrived in Ottensen on September 9.
The CDS includes the designation Altona.
Altona is also a  district on the west side of Hamburg.

The cover is franked with stamps from the 1891 Prince Albert I issue.
There is a pair of 1c olive green,  a pair of 2c dull violet,  and singles of the
5c blue, 10c brown on straw paper, 15c rose, and 25c green. (Scott 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, and 20).


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