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Switzerland to Finland
September 7, 1906

This hotel cover was sent from St. Mortiz in the
Swiss Alps about 45 km southeast of Chur.

The cover is franked with eight 1882 2 c. bister numerals and
three 1882 3 c. gray brown numerals (Scott 69 and 70).

There are twelve St. Mortiz CDS.

The destination was Helsinki.
There is a Helsinki receiver on the back but the date appears to be September 5.
Parts of Finland used the Julian Calendar until 1918.*

In Helsinki, the addressee appears to have left a Koylio
forwarding address and the letter was forwarded.
However, when it arrived in Koylio on September 15, the old
Helsinki address was provided and the letter was returned.
As a result the second Helsinki receiver was added for September 6.*
Koylio did not use the Julian Calendar.*

The name 'Axel Cedercreutz' has historical significance
in Finland but I can't find references to this Baron.

*Bjorn Munch provides a translation of the street
'Skilnaden' in Swedish as "the difference."
Certainly an odd name for a street.
Roger Heath is the owner of this cover and has an award-winning
single frame exhibit for the Schweizerhof Hotel in Luzern.


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