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Somali Coast to Algeria
September 5, 1899

This registered mourning cover was sent from Djibouti on the east coast of Africa.
Djibouti is at the west end of the Gulf of Aden south of the mouth of the Red Sea.

The cover has five strikes of the Cote Française des Somali | Djibouti CDS.
The script Recommandie (Register) was accomplished
by adding a boxed R and probably the script serial number 427.

The cover was routed first to Marseilles where the CDS shows arrival on September 24.
It then proceeded to its destination of Alger (Algiers) on
the north coast of Africa where it arrived on September 28.

The stamps are unusual in that they are imperforate.
Each has a printed simulated perforation!

The 50c blue and rose is from the issue of 1894 (Scott 16).
The second stamp is a 40c surcharge on the 4c brown and blue of the 1894.
The surcharge was issued in 1899 (Scott 23).
The illustrations on the stamps combine a view of Djibouti and Somali warriors.


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