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Rhodes to Greece
September 4, 1935

This registered airmail was sent from the Aegean Island of Rhodes.
The Aegean Islands were an Italian Colony from 1912 until the end of World War II.
The islands, now Greek, are in the Mediterranean off the coast of Turkey.

There are four Rhodes CDS.

The registry label has a preprinted number and is handstamped RODI (EGEO).
There is also a bilingual airmail etiquette with the name of the Italian airline Ala Littoria.

The stamps used comprise a complete set of the only Rhodes airmail stamps.
The stamps were issued in 1934 - 50c black and yellow, 80c black and magenta,
1 l black and green, and 5 l black and red violet (Scott C1-C4).

The cover was addressed to Athens.
There is no scan of the reverse so we don't know if there are any receivers or other transit marks.


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