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Liechtenstein to Switzerland to Germany
August 31, 1931

This registered postal card was carried on the first flight from Vaduz to St. Gallen in Switzerland.
Liechtenstein is the tiny (62 square miles) principality tucked between
Switzerland and Austria (and between Libya and Lithuania in the catalog).
Vaduz is its capital.

The card was cancelled with two faint boxed handstamps with
1. Postflug | Vaduz-St. Gallen | 31 August 1930.

There is a trilingual airmail etiquette.
Registration was noted with a preprinted label.

St. Gallen is east of Zurich less than 10 km southwest of Lake Constance (Bodensee).
The flight covered less than 40 km!
The arrival in St. Gallen was marked with an August 31st CDS.

The postal card was then forwarded to its destination of Schmölln in Thüringen.
Schmölln is about 50 km south of Leipzig west of Chemnitz.
It arrived there on September 3.

There is nothing on the back of this card.

The postal card was originally 25 rappen but surcharged 10 rappen.

Two of the stamps are from the 1930 pictorials - the 30 rappen
deep ultramarine showing the Chapel at Steg and
the 10 rappen dark violet  Rafenberg Chapel (Scott 99 and 96).
There is also 1930 20 rappen slate airmail showing
an airplane over snow-capped mountains (Scott C2).


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