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Argentina to France
August 30, 1870

This folded letter (shown unfolded) was datelined August 24 in Rosario de Santa Fe.
Rosario is in Santa Fe province about 150 miles inland northwest of Buenos Aires.

It was postmarked in Buenos Aires with an octagonal cancel on August 30 on its way to Marseilles.
The sender - A. Barran and A. Breit - stamped their oval mark on the address side.
The sender requested French packet service.

The letter's arrival in Marseilles was marked by a September 28 CDS receiver.

The cover was rated at 90 centimes due.

The docketing records the history of the cover including what is probably the answer on October 6.

All of which reminds us how labor intensive communication
was when everything had to be done with paper and pen

Computers really do improve productivity!


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