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Italy to Canada
August 26, 1918

This registered cover was sent from Guastalla.
Guastalla is about 70 km northwest of Bologna
and about 60 km south southwest of Verona.

The cover is franked with a selection of
Victor Emmanuel III stamps from the early 20th century.
There is a 1906 5 c, green, a 1916 20 c. brown orange,
and a 25 c. blue (Scott 54, 112, and 101).

There are four Guastalla CDS.
The bottom is REGGIO EM[MILIA].

The destination was Pointe Claire on the north shore
of Lac Saint Louis (a wide spot in the Saint Lawrence)
about 15 km west of the center of Montreal.
Pointe Claire is an arrondissement of Montreal.
The Canadian site uses borough as the translation of arrondissement.

The route the cover took is indicated on the reverse.
First the cover travelled to Parma where it
was backstamped the same day as it was posted.
Next it was on to Genova (Genoa) on the west coast of Italy
where it probably was carried by a steamer bound for North America.
It passed through Genova on August 28.
The next stop was September 23 in Pointe Claire.


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