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Cambodia to France
August 25, 1910

This registered mourning cover was sent from Kâmpôt.
Kâmpôt is about 270 km west of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) on the Gulf of Thailand.

The cover is franked with a 1907 10 c. red and black Annamite girl
and a 1907 25 c. blue and black Cambodian girl (Scott 45 and 48).

The sender requested registration (Recommandée) and the cover was
duly marked with a bold boxed R and given the script serial number 127.

There are two Kâmpôt CDS.

The cover first travelled to Saigon.
Unfortunately, the transit mark date cannot be read.

There is, however, the octagonal mark on the front for the
French national mail line, Messageries Impériales.

The ship's mark indicates the cover went aboard on September 3.
The cover probably waited in Saigon for the ship's arrival.
The route from the far east was LIGNE N and the paquebot was PAC. FR. No. 5.

The destination was Paris.
There is no receiving mark for Paris.


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