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Italy to United States
August 17, 1944

This censored airmail letter was sent from Messina.
Messina is on the very northeast corner of Sicily at the toe of the Italian boot.
It was here, one year earlier to the day, that General Patton won a game of oneupsmanship with
General Montgomery on their triumphal entries into the city in World War II.

The addressee was a Professor in New York City.

Airmail was requested by using preprinted airmail envelopes.

The cover bore Allied Military Goverment (AMG) stamps
overprinted with Italy and Centesimi or Lira.
The AMG postage stamps were a common design with
various overprints and various currencies to be used as
nations were liberated at the end of World War II.

The AMG stamps for Italy were issued in 1943.
The three here are
one 50 c light violet and
two 1 l light yellow green (Scott Italy 1N4 and 1N6).


The cover was censored and closed with numbered tape.
I believe the initials S. [or P.] V. A. were the initials of the censor.


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